Met her a couple weeks ago in class – history 317. Why didn't I notice her before? I wonder if she's in my department. She's really pretty. Sweet-looking, too. Did she look over at me in class after that time we talked? Not really sure, maybe she was just looking out the window over my shoulder. I've seen her around on Saturday nights. She goes out with her roommates…they all dress like they want some. She doesn't as much, but she still looks HOT.

She's friendly enough in class. But I can barely speak to her. I feel like an idiot...I get all awkward. I'm much better out. More impressive. I just need a few in me and then I can really lay on the charm. Chicks love my stories. All it takes is a drink or two and a couple songs on the dance floor, and they are all over me.

My friends are all out tonight trying to get laid. Scoping out the scene, trying to see who can take home the hottest girl. But I don't want to do that tonight. Pretty tired of it, really. These girls know I don't really like them…and it's not like they like me either. They're just looking for someone to go home with, too.

But what if I could show this girl that she's different. That I actually like her. There's just something about her...the way she smiles. The way she looks out for her friends. How she laughs at our professor's awful jokes in class. I don't want to treat her like this. She's better than that. Heck, I'm better than that. What if I could show her I actually like her? That I'd like to get to know her. How do I do that? She'd probably think I was lame to ask her for coffee...that I was just trying to get into her pants. It's been so long, I barely remember how to approach a girl like this. How to ask someone out on an actual date.

But I don't want to just hang out...and I don't want to just hook up. I want to be worth her time. Make her smile and laugh because she likes me...not because we're both playing some game. The worst thing she could say is no. And maybe she'll say yes. That'd be pretty sweet.

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